What ELSE Not To Do On A Roadtrip


For my first four entries to this list, check here: What Not To Do On A Roadtrip   After having an amazing time with friends at Great America, we quickly got back to reality and our road trip continued with the same Rush flair as before.   Our list of what not to do was growing by the minute. What Not To Do #5:  Blow A Fuse A fuse that works your dash and tail lights.  At night. After leaving Great America we went down the street to have dinner.  By the time we fed everyone it was getting dark.  We … Continue reading 

Great America!


Waking up knowing that we had a day full of fun ahead of us was such a great feeling.  Our kids were ready for roller coasters and friends…and so were we. I went to Great America when I was 16 {a long time ago} and I remember it being all about roller coasters.  But it has transformed over the years into a pretty cool waterpark as well.  Which is great when it’s 90 degrees. The first coaster ride of the day was on Demon.  This turned out to be a favorite, given that it was the only coaster open that … Continue reading 

What Not To Do On A Road Trip


You’re probably wondering why my posts about our trip have tapered off.  It’s because we were learning a few things about what not to do on a road trip.     What Not To Do #1:  Get Head Lice That’s right.  We woke up at the Grand Canyon with two children with head lice. On a road trip. In an RV. In another state. Ugh. With no adequate laundry, showers or hair clippers, we had to push pause on the Grand Canyon and head to Flagstaff to find a hotel room and Laundromat. It’s kind of confusing to drive through … Continue reading 

Bryce Canyon


The hoodoos of Bryce Canyon took my breath away.  I wish everyone could see what I got to see today.  There are no words to describe this place, so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  Mostly.                                     We wanted to hike longer but we got chased out by a thunderstorm that terrified Ellie to her very core.  We thought she was being silly until she burst into tears.  Poor girl.  We had to leave anyway to get to the Grand Canyon campground … Continue reading 

Park City and Beyond


After the rodeo last night we drove the 30 minutes to the outskirts of Park City to overnight at Walmart.  Park City Walmart – favorite so far.  From the parking lot you can see the 2002 Olympic Ski Jump.  Crazy. We woke up to a beautiful day and headed in to Park City proper to get a glimpse of a true Utah ski destination. From the road leading in to town you can see the famous ski runs.  They look like they head right in to town.  That’s because some of them do.  It’s amazing. We decided to get a … Continue reading 

On The Road Again…


So excited to be on the road again!  Not that Random Town, Idaho isn’t breathtaking.  But…it isn’t breathtaking.  And I’m glad to be out of there. My new favorite store is Les Schwab.  6 new tires later (not taking any chances) and we’re on the road again. and finally into Utah! Entering Utah.  Destination: Oakley PRCA Rodeo! My husband and kids have never been to a rodeo, which seems crazy to me because I grew up surrounded by them.  So they were super excited to finally get to see one.  And a real one, at that.  First stop at the … Continue reading 

An Unexpected Layover


Well, as road trips usually go, we’ve had some bumps in the road.  Quite literally. Today started peacefully in a Walmart parking lot.  Eating breakfast for the first time at our little RV table.   Then we packed up and hit the road.  By now I think I’ve got the hang of what needs to be secured so it doesn’t fly across the RV when Colin turns.  We had a few close calls yesterday.  Rookies. Soon enough we were in a new state!   But I don’t think Idaho likes us very much.  A few miles in and we started … Continue reading 

Five Favorite Friday – Road Trip Edition


Today’s the day!  Hitting the road in the RV with my crazy family!  We got a late start because we had to take care of some things at the DMV before we left, so our target destination was not reached.  The great thing about not having plans is that stuff like that doesn’t matter at all. The kids took to RV life quickly and we had some great moments listening to them talking and laughing together.  Makes a mama’s heart warm. Here are some highlights of our first day on the road. Best things about road trippin’ so far:   … Continue reading 

Summer On The Road


Are you taking a road trip this summer?  We are.  Summer is just made for road trips.  Or road trips are made for summer.  Either way, it’s going to be awesome.  I am so very excited!  So much that I almost typed the word “stoked”.  Do people still use that word?   It is not going to be the epic cross country RV trip I’ve been dreaming of.  The one that would take us to New York City and back.  That one just doesn’t seem to be working out yet.  But don’t worry, it will.  Hopefully when our kids are … Continue reading 

My Ultimate Travel Planning Adventure

To get you up to speed on my travel love, I love to travel.  There…you are up to speed.  I love dreaming of travel, planning travel, reading about travel and, most importantly, undertaking major travels with my trooper of a husband (who was not born with the same love of travel as I was) and three travel-loving kids.  We love road trips and plane rides and living out of suitcases (most of the time).  So as we are in the middle of a summer with most of our travel planned out or executed already, my sights are settling on next summer.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately scouring the internet and bookstores for information.  (This, by the way, is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world.  I wish it was a job.  Sometimes I think I should have been a travel agent…then I remember that I do all my planning on the internet and so does everyone else which is why travel agents don’t really exist anymore so I can’t be one.  But I still wish travel research and planning was my job.)  I devour articles and books and lists on places to go in the US.  Because, you see, we want to go everywhere. But let me back up and start at the purpose of our trip.

My kids are fascinated with the American Museum of Natural History.  It is, however, in New York City.  On the opposite end of the country.  Far, far away.  Most people would buy plane tickets, book hotel rooms and add other major Manhattan sights to their itinerary if they were to visit.  We are not most people.  We want to buy an RV and drive there.  Across the country.  Hitting 20 states on the round trip journey.

Five people, 20 states, 4 weeks.  Sounds fun, right?  It does to us.  Because, after all, we are not like most people. We want to sit at the table as we’re driving down the road and play cribbage with our kids.  We want to stop to camp for the night and not have to set up ANYTHING.  We want to meet people who know all there is to know about growing corn or the history of bluegrass or local Civil War battlefields.  We want to drive and see and experience.  And, for this mismatched couple, it is both of our loves.  I get to travel and my husband gets to stay home (in our rolling home as we mosey down the highway).

We want to discover all the unusual sights along the way.  Dinosaur bones in Utah.  Oregon Trail wagon ruts in Nebraska.  Giant jackalopes and ice water in South Dakota.  Wooden roller coasters in Ohio.  Chocolate worlds in Pennsylvania. Baseball fields in Iowa.

And, of course, Halls of apes and fossils and ocean life in New York City.

We want to make memories that our children will treasure and help them expand their view of the world.  We want to get away from schedules and expectations and just be.  No set plans, no reservations (mostly), no expectations.  Just the five of us, driving, stopping to see what piques our interest, exploring new places together, talking, laughing, being a family.

I’ll be spending a lot of this year figuring out how to make this trip happen.  (Side note: It may seem like researching details and traveling without expectations are opposites, but it’s just how I work.  If I learn about all the places we could go, then I’m not disappointed when we miss a sight because I already learned about it in my reading.  Make sense?  No?  Oh well.  It works for me.)  From finances to dump stations to little known treasure stops along the way, I’ll be researching it all.  How do you park an rv for the night?  How do you make that awning thing roll out?  Is Branson really worth driving through?  Would it be better to spend the 4th of July at Mt. Rushmore or Independence, Missouri?  Where do you camp near New York City?  What are the best scenic backroads and what roads are not quite so RV friendly?  How do I maximize my gas mileage? How early do I need to make Yellowstone campsite reservations?  Who can we visit along the way?

So many questions.  So much to learn.  Good thing I love this stuff.

I think each week I’ll delve into a specific state, learning about places to visit, options for camping, what local festivals they have, etc…  Then I’ll share my findings with you lovely people.  And you, hopefully, can share your insights and knowledge with me as well.  I’d love for my wonderful readers to help us prepare for and loosely plan our cross country adventure.

First up:  New York.  The Empire State.  Coming next week…


I can't wait to see this guy!!


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