New Dining Room Banquette

I’d like to say I’m a fantastic blogger and took pictures of the whole process of creating our built in banquette.  But I’m not and I didn’t.  Colin built most of it away from the homestead because we just don’t have a saw big enough to handle the giant plywood boards we needed to cut.  And by “we” I mean him.  I basically took care of our kiddos while he slaved away.

Colin took this with his phone after he finished the boxes at the shop. They are not attached yet...just shoved together. He texted it to me so I could see the progress.

He built each box, brought them home and assembled them in the dining room.   Then he added facing to cover the joints on the front.

Next he puttied the cracks.  And then we waited for it to dry.  And we waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.  Two weeks later we were still waiting.  Turns out we got a bad batch of putty.  Of course.  So Colin scraped it off and tried again.  Second time was the charm.  After it dried (in a few hours, mind you) Colin sanded it smooth and primed it with some old white paint from the previous owners that we found in our garage (we found the paint, not the owners).

Finally I remembered to take a picture (after priming)

While I was away, spending time alone for Mother’s Day (and to regain my sanity after some pretty chaotic weeks), Colin and the kids painted my bench a pretty white – Behr’s off the shelf white, to be exact.  They set out the cushions I bought and set up the table for my special Mother’s Day breakfast.

So this week, while the kids were at school, I got to work setting up my bench.  I cut a rug pad to fit the bench top to keep the cushions in place and arranged the colors the way I wanted.

I am so crazy about my bench!  Colin did such a fantastic job.  I can’t wait to find the perfect baskets and boxes at Goodwill to put in the spaces underneath.  I think I’ll keep my tablecloths and placemats down there.  And maybe some craft supplies and toys to use at the table.  Or cookbooks.  There are so many options!

I also am planning on making pillows for the back.  I’ve been scouting Goodwill for 50% off pillows will great forms inside.  I think this room will eventually be painted the same white as the bench.  The brown reminds me of the color of our Olympia house.  The walls…and ceiling…of the downstairs were this color.  It was like living in a cave.  I did not like it.

Some more view of my beautiful banquette:

So much storage space!

The cushions are Better Homes And Gardens (from Walmart)

I like to curl up in that back corner and read.

Curtains and art are also in the plans for this room.  To the right of the window I’m thinking of something like this from Barn Owl Primitives:

On that far wall I’m planning on hanging this.
It reminds me of my dad. He was a big Norman Rockwell fan.

One thing at a time though. I have a new bench! Yay!

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