EPIC Project Reveal!

You’ve been patiently waiting for weeks to see what my EPIC project is so without further ado, the GRAND UNVEILING…(imagine a curtain being lifted here)…


bathroom before and after with pipe shelving


That’s right people, I tackled our main bathroom.  And believe me, it needed it.  It was so small you had to walk to the side of the toilet to close the door.  It was beige with yellow lighting and an ugly vanity with doors hung crooked.  It was yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yucky.


I had never touched the bathroom before because bathrooms take a lot of work.  There’s plumbing and electrical and flooring and poo…  And I knew if I changed anything in here I’d need to change everything.


Here’s a close up of the before:

bathroom before

It’s so small that I can’t get the whole thing in one shot because there is no good place to stand to take a picture except outside the door.  And, once again……U-G-L-Y, you ain’t got no alibi, you’re ugly…bathroom, you’re ugly!!  {Sidenote: That was an actual cheer we’d do during softball games to the other team when I was a kid except we’d say the other’s team’s name instead of “bathroom”.  What were our parents and coaches thinking letting us chant that??}


Enough with the ugly…let’s move on to the beautiful.


bathroom pipe shelving




bathroom remodel



clock and books




new bathroom pipe shelving



pipe toilet paper holder



candles on shelf




new pedestal sink and shelves




hand towel bar




galvanized pipe shelving




candles and wood shelf




sink close up



red picture with glass etching



pedestal sink



vintage blue light fixture



gold faucet



glass etching



don't even worry about it






red light








There are so many projects and tutorials in this bathroom that I want to share with you.  In the next few weeks I’ll show you how we installed the flooring, switched out the vanity for a pedestal sink, installed new lighting, cut and framed our own mirror, made etched glass art and designed and built the galvanized pipe shelving unit {my favorite part of the room!}.


Want to be blown away?  Check out these before and afters…

bathroom before and after with pipe shelving



bathroom corner storage before and after



bathroom storage pipe shelving before and after



sink and storage bathroom before and after



vanity before and after



vanity side by side reveal


I promise, it’s the same room.  Really.


I am so over the moon happy with how everything turned out.  I find myself just standing in the hallway looking at it.  What I love most is that it feels so much bigger.  Part of that is due to switching from a vanity to a pedestal sink, and part is due to how we used some tricks of the eye to make everything seem to recede into the background {we’ll talk about that later too}.


Let’s take one more look at it…

New bathroom with pipe shelving


What do you think?  Do you love it as much as I do?


Projects from this Makeover:

Installing Luxury Vinyl Planks {Flooring}

Easy Baseboard Installation

Etched Glass Art with Martha Stewart Crafts

Galvanized Pipe Shelving Unit

Installing a Pedestal Sink


Product sources:

Target:  Candles, bird, goblet, red tray {Easter tray from the Dollar Spot that I spray painted}

IKEA:  Clock, wire trash can, galvanized bucket, red frame, galvanized trash can {which actually holds make-up, hair product, etc…}

Goodwill:  Silver basket

Costco: Towels

Home Goods: Shower curtain, curtain hooks

Fred Meyer {Kroger}:  Rectangular galvanized box with white lid

The Rebuilding Center: Vanity light, light shades, pedestal sink

Grover’s Electric & Plumbing: Ceiling light {a white fountain light that I spray painted red}, galvanized pipe, pipe fittings

Lowes: Boards for shelves


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18 thoughts on “EPIC Project Reveal!

  1. I’m so impressed! It looks amazing! I love, love, LOVE the pipe shelving and the red overhead light. Seriously cool and perfect for a bathroom. Excellent work! And I can’t wait to read about the details.

  2. I love it so much, Heidi!!! You are amazing!
    P.S. I just bought that Bird by Bird book at Powell’s… I went there to wander, thinking I might get something about birds or writing or something by Anne Lamott, and I couldn’t believe it when I found it. It was meant to be. :)
    Great job with your epic project! I’m excited to see/read more about it!

  3. Love love love love! I love the shelving unit so much! And the matching toilet paper holder and towel bar! The floor is amazing! Great job! You should be very proud of yourself! Amazing!

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