Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Lame Gifts Made Awesome

Let’s face it, if you don’t know by now what you are getting your loved one for Mother’s Day, you are late.  Very, very late.  {Don’t believe me?  Read THIS.}

Yes, I’m talking to you.

It’s ok, it happens.  Well…it’s ok as long as you fix this egregious error.

The problem with most last minute “Oh crap, I forgot to get her something!” gifts is that they are cliche and generic and boring and state in a very obvious way, “Oh crap, I forgot to get you something!”

That’s where I come in.  Below is my list of 5 super cheesy, generic and ultra lame-o Mother’s Day gifts.

But not to worry!  I have transformed them into awesomeness.  Trust me, these gifts are the bomb-diggity {that’s super cool mom talk}.


best mother's day gifts



5.  Flowers

 Lame: Carnations, tulips, pre-wrapped grocery store “Mixed Bouquets” or anything she has to plant.


Awesome: Lilacs


lilac bouquet mother's day

Flowers are a little cliche on days like this, but they are pretty and they smell good so we still love them.  Just don’t run in to the grocery store and pick up the cheapest bunch of dip dyed carnations they have.  Ugh.  Put a little thought into it.  To really make a statement, pick a flower that isn’t common.  Preferably one that smells incredible and is a beautiful color.

My choice for this not-so-usual gift…a lilac bouquet.  Lilacs technically come from a tree, so they will have very woody stems {like branches}.  They come in white, light purple and deep plum.  The deep plum is my favorite.  And they smell I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E!!  A great place to find lilacs and other uncommon-yet-beautiful flowers is a natural foods store or local market.  Farmer’s markets also usually have great local blooms.   Other unique flowers: hydrangeas, ranunculus, snowballs, dahlias.

4. Coffee Cup

 Lame: Dollar store, coffee shop or Walmart generic mug


Awesome: Monogrammed Anthropologie Mug


monogrammed anthropologie mug mother's day gift

A coffee cup is also very cliche.  I mean, seriously, she has eight of these in her cupboard already.  But these monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie are just beautiful, not to mention personal.  Now, if you are in Anthropologie to get your mom a gift, don’t stop with a mug.  Get her a book, blanket, necklace or dress also.  And one of their egg holders.  And the ceramic berry baskets.  And a paper mache animal head.  Because everyone wants one of those.  Or just do her a favor and get her a gift card.  Women love to shop at Anthropologie.  Yeah, fill her mug with a gift card.

3.  Mani/Pedi

Lame: Gift certificate to the nail salon down the block


Awesome: Spa treatment at a local resort or luxury spa


Mother's Day spa treatment

News flash: She doesn’t want to worry about nail infections or ruthless callus filing during her “mom’s spa getaway” time.  If you want to get her a pedicure, manicure, massage or spa treatment, get it at a resort or luxury spa – where they know what they are doing.  The goal here is for it to be relaxing, so visit the location or {at the very least} take a look at some pictures.  Send her to a place that is quiet, calm and restful where she will be pampered and treated like a queen.  If they have extras like sauna privileges, relaxation rooms, foot soaks or champagne, even better.

2.  Gift Cards

Lame: Gift cards to Target, department stores, craft stores or Starbucks


Awesome: High End gift cards


West Elm Gift Card Mother's Day

Here’s the gift card deal.  They are meant to allow her to buy something she would not buy otherwise.  Mom probably already shops at Target, Kohl’s, Michaels and Starbucks.  And she probably does it to save money.  But what she really wants is the ability to walk into Anthropologie or Lucy or J. Crew and buy something, anything, without feeling guilty.  So save those Old Navy and Home Depot gift cards for stocking stuffers {because they really are great gifts, just not for Mother’s Day} and think more along the lines of West Elm, Lululemon or Kate Spade.

1.  Coupon Books

Lame:  A bunch of coupons for house cleaning


Awesome:  Actually cleaning the house from top to bottom


clean House for Mother's Day

Let’s all face it.  Mom doesn’t ever really cash in those coupons.  If you are willing to clean the house, get up and clean the house.  The point of a gift is giving her something awesome.  So don’t give her the chance to ask you to help clean.  Give her clean.  ‘Nuf said.

You see, moms do a lot.  More than a lot.

Without moms you would not eat, wear clean clothes or know that it’s “went” instead of “goed”.

Without moms you’d still have that sticky stuff on your face, that booger hanging out of your nose and that cowlick sticking up on the back of your head.

Without moms you wouldn’t know the dangers of running in the house, sitting too close to the TV or heating the outdoors.

Without moms you would not be able to find anything.  Ever.  Even if it’s right in front of your face, where whatever you are looking for almost always is.

Without moms who would put a cold rag on your head when you are sick, kiss your scraped up knee and bake those last minute cupcakes you just had to have for the class party?

Without moms you would chew with your mouth open, forget to bathe and probably never, ever, ever brush your teeth.

Moms do a lot.

If you haven’t thought about Mother’s Day yet, start thinking because moms deserve a lot too.  So do step-moms, grand-moms, foster-moms,  “might-as-well-have-been-your-mom” moms, in-law moms and “dads-who-had-to-be-mom-too” moms.  It’s a tough and often thankless job.  So step up and show your heartfelt appreciation.  Pour on the gratitude.  Lavish her with gifts and cards and special things.  Even though it’s kind of the last minute, don’t give up.  DO SOMETHING!!!

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