Living Room Inspiration

As I put off finishing up the last projects in Ellie’s room my mind has been wandering to our living room.  (I do that, start a huge project and not want to finish the details at the end.)  We’ve been talking for months about painting it gray.  I want the walls to be modern but neutral so I can have as many bright accessories as I want and it won’t overwhelm the room.

I know I have to finish my girl’s room before I start another one.  I know.  And I will.  But a girl can dream, right?

Some of my living room dreams…

Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers



Young House Love‘s collection for Joss & Main.


Red lamp love

Source: via Heidi on Pinterest



 Colorful Patchwork Bench



My husband would never let me do this to our piano…but it’s so pretty!



Map pillows!



Colorful Pillows!



Anthropologie Soraya Curtains


Orange door to fill the corner



Last, but certainly not least, LIGHTING!!!  If only our ceilings were taller or my husband was shorter.

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2 thoughts on “Living Room Inspiration

  1. Your crafting blogs inspire the crafter deep down inside of me. I love creative ideas, however I don’t have the patience for the detail that crafts require.. I’m too impatient and too much of a perfectionist. But, I love to read your blogs and look dreamily at your pictures of finish products. It makes me feel like the crafter in me can live vicariously through you. So thanks for sharing and please don’t shop :)

    • Thank you so much! So glad the things that inspire me also inspire you. In blog land, that’s what we’re here for. To spread the inspiration around :-)

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