This Just Pinned…

I’ve found so many new loves on Pinterest this week!

Check these lovelies out…


Love this!

Source: via Heidi on Pinterest



Painted Chevron Rug.  Inexpensive, easy and the perfect way to complete a room.



I am totally crushing on this lamp!  Knock off this look with glossy spray paint on a Goodwill lamp.

Source: via Heidi on Pinterest



For the boys room.  “If I was Peter Pan you would be my happy thought.”

Source: via Heidi on Pinterest



For Ellie’s room.  Beautiful and inspirational.  Just like my little girl.

Source: via Heidi on Pinterest



I love the look of this on wood.  But I also love the reminder to be present.  One thing my husband and I are working on with our kids.



I may be obsessed with pillows.



Payton would love this in his room!  And I would too because it looks like art, not just a Star Wars poster.



Free printable Lego figure template.  This would be great for crafts, fabric transfers or birthday cake templates.

Source: via Heidi on Pinterest



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One thought on “This Just Pinned…

  1. That Free printable Lego figure template on the wall and painted with chalk paint is very cool for my sons. Can you please send me an invite for Printerest, please? Thanks from the Netherlands

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