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I’ve been a pinning maniac lately.  I’ve been looking for inspiration for my family room, my kids’ rooms, my bathroom, my blog…pretty much everything.

I also had a huge list of bookmarked projects on my browser.  Who uses bookmarks anymore?  No one.  So I moved them to my pinboards.  They are much more inspiring when I can see pictures of them and now I actually remember that I want to do them.

So today’s This Just Pinned  features are all projects I have added to my epic to-do list.

It is always my goal to be that mom who does cool stuff with her kids all the time.  Do I?  Um…big fat NO.  Kind of makes me sad to think of what I have probably missed out on.  So many things on my new to do project list have to do with my kiddos.  It’s never too late to start being who you want to be.

First up:  Science experiments

Homemade Lava Lamps



Next up:  Activities for me and the little guy while the others are in school.

25 things to do with a wiggly toddler boy.


I also want to pay special attention to my little girl’s love of creating.  I know I’ve posted this before, but this time we’re really going to do it.

Making braided headbands out of old t-shirts.


And, seriously, could this be any easier?

Homemade Finger Paints


I’ve also been obsessed with paint colors as I try to find the perfect combo for our living room, family room, kids’ room and bathroom.  I’d look for the other rooms too, but that might seem obsessive.

Possible New Living Room Color Scheme


I want to do this somewhere in our house.  It may have to be faux chalkboard as my hubby doesn’t like the chalk dust everywhere.  I kind of have to agree with him there.  But it doesn’t mean we can’t get this look.  We just have to be creative…which is right up our alley!

Positive Message Wall

Source: via Heidi on Pinterest


I want to do this with my boys names when they finally start sharing a room.

String Art

Source: via Heidi on Pinterest


And I really want to make this to hang in my craft/blogging area.  When I start to compare myself to other bloggers, thinking I have to be like everyone else to succeed, I want to look at this and remember that I can be myself.  I can go my own way.  I can let myself be known.

Go Your Own Way Art


As much as I can, I want my home to be a place of encouragement, individuality, grace and love.  I want my family to know that our story is good and valuable and we need to live it fully.  And I want to live that way myself.

Pinterest is a great place to find projects, to figure out what you want to wear tomorrow or to experiment with new hair styles.  But what I like the most is that as I pin things that inspire me to my boards I can start to see who I am.  I look at the things that catch my eye and grab my heart and I can begin to see the essence of me taking shape.  It’s not creating me.  It’s showing me how I’ve been created.

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