This Just Pinned…

As I have been setting goals for the year I’ve put a lot of decorating/crafting/creating to-dos on my list.  And, of course, most of my inspiration comes from Pinterest.

Here are a few of my latest pins:


I can make my own kitchen towels with unique colors and designs! I need new towels.



Colors I love for my living room.



Yes, please! Why does everything I love have to come from Anthropologie? Why can’t it come from Target or Home Goods or Dollar Tree?


Source: via Heidi on Pinterest


A bedspread with a city map quilted into it. I think I want the New York one. Or London. Or Paris.



The yellow chevron is so cheery and bright! Perfect for Ellie. It’s her favorite color!



How can some people pull this off so well? A bunch of mismatched stuff on old, worn shelves. But somehow it looks like a magical country farmhouse full of life and memories and grandmas and hugs. It is just beautiful!


Source: via Heidi on Pinterest


A different color for each door. I’m absolutely doing this in our hallway. I love how they used such unique shades.


Re-growing green onions.  Did you know this was possible? I’m definitely trying this when I get down to the nubs of my green onions. Sure, they only cost 39 cents – but saving money is saving money, right?


Hope you all have a fabulous three day weekend!

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