Chair Transformations

Remember the chairs from this picture?

Junky.  Dirty.  Stained.  Torn.  Old.

Well, meet my new dining room chairs!

Aren’t they beautiful?

I spent this last weekend painting and reupholstering them.  The paint colors are:

Banner Red

Pumpkin Orange

Blue Ocean Breeze

Bauhaus Gold

Krylon spray paint, of course.  The orange gave me quite a hard time and ended up crackling all over.  Remember when crackled finish was very popular?  Well, if you still like it I seem to have a natural talent for it.  I can come over and crackle up all of your furniture for you.  Fortunately, the crackling kind of suits the imperfectness of this set.

My husband is currently building the final piece of our new dining set.  He should be done by the end of our break and I’ll show you the big reveal with all the pieces together and in place.  Can’t wait!!!

And I have to give credit where credit is due.  I got this idea from All Things Thrifty.  She is phenomenally talented.  She showcased a similar transformation HERE and I fell in love.  Wish I had another chair so I could paint it green.

Check out the table these chairs will go with:

Table Post #1

Table Post #2

Table Reveal


Want to know how I reupholstered the chairs?  You can find my step by step tutorial here:

Reupholstering Chairs

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17 thoughts on “Chair Transformations

  1. Wow! They look great! Now the big dinner time fight will be over who gets to sit in what chair. Or will you have assigned seats :)

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  5. Visiting from Censational Girl…Love what you’ve done with the chairs. I have a set of chairs that are all the same and have been toying with painting them different colors and using different upholstery too. I so like the look of your chairs. They are gorgeous. Do you have any idea why your chairs crackled?

    • I think they crackled for a few reasons. 1. I didn’t sand anything. 2. I was painting in 40 degree weather. 3. The primer was still tacky when I began painting. Kind of like a triple threat. I was just not being careful to do it exactly as the can specified. And thanks for the kind words about my chairs. :-)

    • All of the fabric is from Fabric Depot in Portland, OR. The tan and blue fabrics are “Ellis” by Waverly and the Damask fabrics are from Premier Prints. The green pattern is “Madison” and the red is “Avery”.

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  10. these looks fantastic! i love your choice of colors and upholstery. i’d love to do this with some chairs that i have to add a pop of color to my room.
    found you via roadkill rescue.

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